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Our Money Transfer Service

At Shahjalal, we comprehend that with regards to making enormous global installments, you need trust in who you pick. That is the reason we offer high-road bank beating trade rates, master direction, charge free exchanges, grant winning day in and day out help – and obviously – quick, secure conveyance. Clients pick us for various worldwide installment reasons – purchasing or selling property abroad, moving into unfamiliar speculations, working around the planet, and resigning in the sun to give some examples – yet do not just believe us, read our great explanations.

What We Provide

Worldwide Money Transfer

We are one of the reliable and fastest worldwide money transfer service providers. From anywhere of the world, you can reach to us and we will provide you 100% service.

Instant Cash Collection

Shahjalal Express sending money for instant cash collection from any branch of the selected bank. Which is great opportunity for any emergency situation. Any time in any emergency we are with you. Just you need to show the PIN number and receiver valid documents. You can receive the cash. This is a worldwide service so that it will help you anywhere in the world.

Bank Transfer within 48 hours

This is the most safe and secure service of Shahjalal Express. The money sends by customer that will be available for cash out to customer’s preferable bank account within 48 hours. In this service there is no risk to get any wrong PIN number or something else. Because if the bank account number is correct there will be no issue to pay money by the bank.

Mobile Application

Shahjalal Express is working to make a mobile app to make easy our customers transactions. By using this app they can make transaction from anywhere by online bank transfer. Which will make our customers life easier. It will their time and keep safe their money as well. Everything will be instructed in the app related to making transaction. This will be very simple and easily usable for all. So, customers do not need to come in the shop.

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