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Shah Jalal Group Services spread over Money, Travel and Cargo

Our story

Shahjalal Express Ltd has been a trusted family business running for over
23 years, providing excellent services in Money Transfer, Tourism, Cargo and
Courier. Shahjalal Express first established in 1998, it began its journey
starting out in a small office, inside a grocery shop and has exponentially expanded
over the years. The business has come long way and we couldn’t have done it
without our loyal customers. Shahjalal Express has been a dependable business
that has connected with many of you on a personal level and has become a hub
for excellent service
without missing that personal touch. Our target was to create a
trustworthy brand in people’s hearts enabling and assisting them in sending
financial support to their families, friends and businesses back home

Shahjalal Express provides cheapest
and best way to get away for a holiday, best currency rates and platinum
standard services to our customers in a diverse range of sectors and is located
in the heart of London; we are just minutes away from the All Saints DLR
station and Canary Wharf. 


At Shahjalal Express we value each
of our customers making sure that everyone receives the best advice and care
from our team of qualified professionals.


At Shahjalal Express our team has
over 23 years of experience and knowledge in the financial and tourism
industries. We work with leading experts around the globe to provide you
with great value for money. Our goal at Shahjalal Express is to become a hub for
the local community and beyond where they can securely access money
exchange, tourism, cargo and courier services.


Ibrahim Ali the founder/Director of
Shahjalal Express. Ibrahim Ali had a vision to help all the community’s people
to the Simplest, Safest and Fastest way to send money, cargo and courier services
worldwide. He dedicated most of his life to make this venture and with his expertise
in the various sectors, it has helped the company to flourish and build a
trusted reputation.


Our services:

Worldwide Money Transfer

Bureau De Change (Travel Money

Travel Services (Worldwide flights
and holiday packages)

Hajj and Umrah Packages

Passport Renewal & Visa

Cargo & Courier Services

Get in touch with details below


Email: Shahjalalmoney@gmail.com


Tel: 02075371410

Whatsapp: 0794458910

Address: 231 East India Dock,
Poplar, London, E14 0EG

Opening Hours

​Mon-Sat: 10am-7pm

Sun: 11-6pm


Why Shahjalal Group?

We are the providers of one the most reliable money transfer services to Bangladesh and Worldwide.

Shahjalal Group is an FSA registered money transmitter having fast and reliable service that will send your money within 12 hours to most commercial bank in Bangladesh at very competitive rates with low commission and fee.

We also offer Travel and Cargo Services that will provide you seamless experience from start to finish.

We have unique name in the Travel Industry whereby we not only provide you with economical fares but also take in consideration the comfort and travel preference. You can discuss your requirements with one of our representatives at any time time in store or over the phone and we will be happy to guide you to your destination.

Our Cargo Services uses state-of-the-art technologically enhanced providers to pick and drop your parcels and good to any part of the world.

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    231 East India Dock Road,
    Near All Saints DLR Station, London, E14 0GE, UK

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