Today Taka Rate £1 = BDT 111.00
Cargo Anywhere to Bangladesh Special Offer £3.50 Per Kg Only
London To Dhaka Return Ticket Only £540.00
  • The trusted money remittance servicesSeamless process and variety of options for your money transfer, travelling and cargo needs.
  • Transfer money with trust and confidence! With all the necessary regulatory requirements fulfilled, we have variety of the options to choose from when it comes to sending money worldwide
  • We have propositions for everybody! Travel the world anywhere with our economical fares. Speak to us to discuss your plans.
  • Money transfer,travel and cargo services Shahjalal Group has a unique position in the market with having expertise in transferring money worldwide, making arrangements for your travels through all major airlines on economical fares and providing cargo services for your goods to be picked up from source to delivering them to the destination using our world renowned service providers.
Shahjalal Group Services

We are the providers of one the most reliable money transfer services to Bangladesh and Worldwide.

Shahjalal Group is an FSA registered money transmitter having fast and reliable service that will send your money within 12 hours to most commercial bank in Bangladesh at very competitive rates with low commission and fee.

We also offer Travel and Cargo Services that will provide you seamless experience from start to finish.

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